Women Are Undeniably Sexual Beings

If men are sex-craved animals, what does that make us women? We can’t possibly be even in the same realm as men in this regard right? Well, actually no that is wrong, just plain wrong. Now most of you men reading this probably don’t believe me in the slightest, and even some women as well. But let me tell you, if society didn’t change the general perception of women in general, we all would realize just how much sexual us women really are.

Women love sexual satisfaction, just as much as men. If you don’t believe me, then just consider the massive market for sex toys that is much more geared for woman than it is for men. We love masturbating and do it just as often as men in many cases. At the very least, most women will masturbate at least once a day if we have the time to do so. That is an undeniable fact. And while we won’t deny that some men actually masturbate multiple times in a day, it is just as important to consider that many women have the ability to orgasm multiple times in a single masturbation session. If you take that fact into consideration, then it is very plausible that women orgasm just as many times as men do on a daily basis, if not more so (although we unfortunately don’t have any hard evidence to back this up).

Masturbation is only one part of the puzzle however, with actual sexual intercourse being the other major part. Now this is where most people tend to get the impression that women are not sexual beings, but that is just a misconception. Yes, women do not have as much sex as men overall, but particularly in the dating world. But there is a very specific reason for that, and that is because women typically keep their bodies reserved for someone who connects with them emotionally as well as physically. In other words, they are much less likely to hook up with a random stranger than they are to hook up with someone with whom they are romantically interested (at least to some extent). When compared to men who more often than not will hook up with any woman who is willing to be with them, it is clear where this misconception comes from.

But when a woman has found a romantic partner with whom they truly care about and love, they will open their bodies up for them with no limits whatsoever. This means sex every day in some cases, as well as the coveted blowjob that all mean dream of receiving. And keep in mind that blowjobs are not something that give pleasure to the women – but they are willing to do it to pleasure their men, simply because they have the emotional connection that drives them to do it.

And while there are always exceptions, hopefully I’ve made it clear that woman are just as into sex as men are, albeit with some reservations regarding the people they actually have sex with. But rest assured, if you were to compare men and women who are in committed relationships, the women would be just as sexually active as the men.

And that is not even getting into the fact that a lot more women are so much more open about their sexuality than men are. A large majority of women end up experimenting with another woman at some point in their lives, while most men would rather get kicked in the balls than to “experiment” with another man. So while men definitely love sex overall, there is just no denying that their female counterparts are truly sexual beings.